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 The Happiness Initiative is a national project offering tools and resources to communities and individuals seeking to enhance their well-being.  The mission of the Happiness Initiative is to work for a just, healthy and resilient society where all people have the opportunity to pursue happiness.  The Seattle Area Happiness Initiative is a local happiness initiative that uses the tools and resources developed and provided by The Happiness Initiative.  

How happy are we? Over 7,200 people took the survey between Jan. and July 2011; 2,400 from the Seattle area.  Download the Seattle Happiness Report Card Now!

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Read about Sustainable Seattle's historical indicator work. 

The Happiness Initiative began as Sustainable Seattle's  fifth set of   indicators. The project is based on the  Gross National  Happiness Index   used in Bhutan. We are inspired by our Declaration of  Independence   that states all have " certain unalienable  rights... life, liberty and the pursuit of  happiness.”  With the potential for nationwide impact, the the Happiness Initiative became its own 501(c)3 in 2012.

In  1991, Sustainable Seattle became the first organization in the United   States to develop local indicators of well-being as an alternative to   GDP.  To do it, we partnered with dozens of other local organizations   and agencies.  Our work led to similar projects in more than 100   American cities and  name recognition around the world.  For our 20th   anniversary,  Sustainable Seattle again took the lead, by collecting and publicizing the first set of happiness (or well-being) indicators for any city in the United States.  The work in Seattle continues, with an emphasis on social justice and catalyzing citizen dialogue and action in pursuit of happiness —  sustainability and love.


Media about the Seattle Area Happiness Initiative:

 KING-TV special!(4 minutes)
KCTS CNX documentary
(9 minutes)
King TV coverage  (2 min
)KCTS CNX coverage (scroll in 20 min).
Al Jazeera coverage (2 min)  

Supporters of the Seattle Area Happiness Initiative

City of Seattle Department of Neighborhoods
Fred Gellert Foundation


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