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BIPOC Sustainable Tiny Art House Community






Building equity through home ownership. 







Phase 1

(1): Complete 1 tiny house prototype; complete feasibility assessment

(2): Attain permits and mobilize artists to help plan, design and create their own tiny house

(3): Mobilize the surrounding community to gain buy-in and educate on the process and sustainability of such a project.

Phase 2

(1): Build and Move in (allowing time to clear zoning/permitting process- 6 months according to the City of Seattle Zoning)

(2): Create and implement a design for collective ownership of the land through a process of appreciative inquiry with the artists, community members and organizations in the surrounding area. 

Phase 3

Replicate, replicate, replicate!

Ready to see this vision come to life? 

Help STAHC raise $30,000 to break ground on the first demo house!