Interweave is Sustainable Seattle’s community-led sustainability accelerator. 
Weaving together collective impact and capacity building frameworks
for lasting, systems-level sustainability action.







Grounded in the Coast Salish creation story that teaches us that together, we can lift the sky.

Seattle is full of opportunities to support active community organizers dedicated to an equitable and sustainable region.

Facilitated by S2, Interweave is a collaborative and supportive program consisting of a peer-to-peer network of visionaries with unique-but-aligned methods for sustainability. Interweave weaves resources, support, collaboration, and capacity towards regional sustainability.

S2 provides specialized support through project advising, administrative services, and fundraising. Community organizers in Interweave can spend more of their time, efforts, and expertise focused on leading sustainability efforts in Seattle communities, and less time and resources in navigating administrative and technical aspects of the work that are often riddled with bias, unnecessary hurdles, and expensive specializations.

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Basilica Bio

Basilica Bio is a Black-led community organization that breaks down barriers in science to tackle issues that disproportionately impact BIPOC communities.

BIPOC Sustainable Tiny Art House Community

The goal is to keep Seattle Artist of Color in Seattle, and to allow them to own their first starter house that can support them later purchasing their dream house. 

Circular PNW

Our work aims to catalyze action and connection to improve the way our regional communities use and reuse natural resources to create value in ways that are restorative and regenerative to the environment.

Circular Supply
Chain Network

The Circular Supply Chain Network connects supply chain practitioners and thought leaders to explore how supply chain can accelerate the transition to a circular economy and transform every supply chain into a circular supply chain.

Duwamish Valley Sustainability Association

We empower communities in issues related to quality of life, social justice, health and education in order to identify and implement sustainable solutions.


Ignited Phoenix Project

We aspire to give back to the community in ways we have not seen done before, using Theatre of the oppressed, trauma recovery, and organizing. We want to reflect real change in the lives of those most affected by injustice.

Kay Tita

Kay Tita is a social impact non-profit organization that serves as a conduit providing changemakers in Haiti with a safe space and the resources they need to increase their impact, develop skills, and establish key partnerships.

One Vibe Media

We are creating events, programs, and media for educating the general public about African culture, promoting the arts, innovation, enhancing international cultural and creative collaboration, and mentoring youth.

Refugee Artisan Initiative

Refugee Artisan Initiative has envisioned creating a welcoming global community that values and invests in refugee and immigrant women as they achieve healthy, stable, and fulfilling lives in the PNW and beyond.

Sea Potential

Using energy and presence and experience as Black Women in marine biology to illuminate pathways for BIPOC youth.

Spean Rajana

Our vision is to be the leading force in advancing Khmer arts worldwide. We advance sustainability with culturally responsive civic engagement, mutual aid, and cultural competency and relationship building

Sustainability Ambassadors

Sustainability Ambassadors supports teachers to explore, develop and apply a problem-based learning model in service to a more sustainable future.