Contribute to Seattle’s sustainability journey.


Sustainable Seattle (S2)  invites you to contribute to building just, engaged, and sustainable communities in the greater Seattle area.

S2 is a leader in the sustainability movement with 30 years of experience working towards more climate-resilient communities in Seattle, with a focus on community-led initiatives. 

As COVID-19 has laid bare the rising inequities in our nation it is imperative that we elevate community solutions to create resilient, disaster ready communities.



With ongoing programming and a dedicated following, S2 has many ways to connect and support.

Some examples include:

  • Fellowships for equitable access to the S2 Seminar Series and Summit
  • Monthly sustainability meet-ups and educational programs
  • PNW Resilience Summit
  • Sustainability Leadership Awards

All sponsorships are customizable.

Here are some ideas to get us started!



In-Kind Contributions.

Reciprocity is key to sustainability! S2 welcomes in-kind gifts that further our efforts.


S2 is currently accepting the following in-kind contributions:


  • Raffle Ticket Items (value $250+) Our community raffle raises funds for up to 25 local sustainability initiatives
  • Silent Auction Items (value $50+)
  • Eco-friendly give-a-ways. Ex: PNW Native seed packets, non-plastic items, etc.
  • Laptops in good condition (4)
  • Transit passes or credits
  • Health club memberships – gyms, etc. (min 4)


To learn more or make an in-kind contribution, contact natalie [at]


What does your sponsorship support? 


Every dollar invested in S2 goes directly towards robust programs, tight operations, and right back to the community. 


S2’s expert leadership sits at the center of civic, grassroots, academic, and professional movements towards resiliency for our region.

S2 is a meeting ground for change agents, initiatives, action, and collective impact. 


Those who are most directly impacted by Seattle’s unique climate pressures are most in tune with the city’s heartbeat and its needs.

We are led by, hire, and partner with these Seattlites, who drive and direct our priorities.

We lean into the complex challenges inherent in this work so that our communities can thrive long-term.

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