Sustainable Seattle works to build a thriving future through initiatives that deliver environmental, economic and community benefits, promote equity, and build resilience.


A thriving, regenerative, sustainable Seattle which centers reciprocity, liberation, and restored abundance.


We define sustainability as the ancient and enduring practice of creating richness in natural resources, attuning to nature’s environmental indicators, and providing equitable access to health, food, shelter, and economic wealth for all people.

All Seattle, Frontline First.

We center solutions initiated by community leaders to ensure that the sustainability initiatives we support most effectively and equitably serve our region. Communities at the frontlines of climate change are uniquely equipped with solutions to environmental justice issues. 

Sustainability work is intersectional and Frontline experiences may include one or a combination of the following: 

  • Indigenous Peoples of all Nations 
  • Black Americans
  • African and Caribbean Diaspora
  • Latinx
  • Asian and Pacific Islander
  • South Asian and Middle Eastern
  • Experiences of immigration and Refugees, including undocumented status
  • LGBTQIA+ lived experiences
  • Womxn, nonbinary, gender minority, and people impacted by the politicization of reproductive health
  • Deaf and Hard of Hearing
  • Disabled, both visible and invisible, including experiences of C-PTSD
  • Low income, especially those who have navigated intergenerational poverty or houselessness
  • Those with experiences of incarceration
  • Other identities which increase susceptibility to housing displacement, legal discrimination, disproportionate exposure to environmental health crises
  • Youth (under 20) and Elders (over 65)