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BIPOC Sustainable Tiny Art House Community






Building equity through home ownership. 







BIPOC STAHC Property will include artist-envisioned amenities, such as: 


Art Studio Spaces, Gallery & Teaching Spaces, Community Indoor/Outdoor Kitchen, Play areas for children, Community Garden, Communal Fire Pit, Tiny Amphitheatre, Common Spaces, Market Plaza, and more.

Artists will own their homes, and be part of a community effort to connect their skill sets to the local community in which the tiny houses will be built (just a small piece of a much larger project.) 




  • Integrity
  • Authenticity
  • Family
  • Justice
  • Hope


  1. Provide BIPOC artists the ability to invest in long-term financial growth, 
  2. Provide communities access to professional artists of color, 
  3. Create business opportunities for these BIPOC artists in communities for which these tiny art houses are co-located. 


Reshaping the way government, foundations, and communities view a healthy living environment by providing an economic framework that allows the most vulnerable to build a sustainable business and home. 


  • Grid-tied (to be able to sell energy back to the city)
  • Water catchment systems and greywater solutions to preserving water resources
  • Community living where artists and community members collectively create a new way of coexisting
  • Replicable design model particularly in BOIPOC-inaccessible and high-displacement neighborhoods.

What is unique about our business model? 

Co-leadership, circular leadership, and non-hierarchical, ethical leadership models allow BIPOC STAHC to work and train our consultants in building and creating, not only our program, but their own consulting business.  This is a non-traditional way of hiring, designed to empower BIPOC artists as small business owners, not as employee-employer systems that keep folks trapped in a colonialist model of wealth depletion.  It also allows us to hire those most impacted by the prison industrial complex, houseless individuals, those without a college degree, and single parents.


Everyone is of value, and everyone:

  1. has potential to learn
  2. can excel if provided access, opportunities and exposure to comprehensive training, professional development, networking 
  3. has the ability to collectively lead as colleagues not hierarchical management structures.

Ready to see this vision come to life? 

Help STAHC raise $30,000 to break ground on the first demo house!