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Circular Supply Chain Network (CSCN)







Growing a circular economy for a sustainable future.

CSCN connects supply chain practitioners and thought leaders to explore how supply chain can accelerate the transition to a circular economy, and the capabilities and technologies we need to transform every supply chain into a circular supply chain.


Millions of supply chain professionals (44m in the USA alone!) want to be connected to solve problems. The platforms that exist today (namely professional associations) do not provide the formats, frequency, and access (most have hefty membership fees) that today’s supply chain professional is looking for. 

The Circular Supply Chain Network focuses on the transition to a circular economy. Supply chain plays a critical role in this transition, and the way we behave in supply chain must change. The Network provides a space for professionals to connect virtually.  

Done properly, we can lead a “just” transition to a circular economy. A “just” transition to a circular economy means more jobs, better use of natural resources, and an influx of $4.5 trillion for the global economy. For this to work, supply chain professionals must come together to navigate the changes to our profession and how to catalyze and accelerate the transition to a circular economy.