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Basilica Bio is a human-centered start-up at the intersection of biology and social justice.



Our mission at Basilica Bio is to connect the community to science through education, community-based interventions, and community-led research. By promoting the use of advanced biotechnologies in our nation’s most underserved communities, we can begin to promote food sovereignty, de-pollution, and overall community health. We aim to make the world a more forward-thinking and equitable place.

Depolluting our world: What is bioremediation? 

Bioremediation is the process of breaking down toxicants in the environment using living organisms, like plants. This process works by up-taking pollutants via bioremediators, tackling existing damage done to our planet, which can later be used to produce clean fossil fuel alternatives. Effective and efficient.

Educating the People. 

Our organization knows that there is immense power in knowledge. Professional development for teachers and interactive lesson plans for students based in the NGSS are some of the educational initiatives we’ve taken on. We teach not only about social determinants of health and environmental issues that impact human lives in communities of color, but also about their solutions.



Gardening Under the Microscope (GUM) Initiative

Gardening Under the Microscope is a collaborative campaign that will promote food sovereignty by supporting established local farms and community gardens, help re-introduce native plants into polluted areas, and teach community members farming and gardening techniques. Each day will start with a presentation on a scientific topic which will give context to why supporting locally produced food is so important. Afterwards, farming experts and Basilica team members will facilitate the community action project. This community action will take place at sites all over Seattle, and expansion into South King County is coming soon.

Thinking Outside the Book Initiative

We have spent the last several months creating educational materials that give context to why our communities look the way they do today, and how health outcomes are influenced by policy and community planning practices. Our materials, based in the Next Gen Science Standards and Ambitious Science Teaching principles, have been vetted by Washington Green Schools and we are currently running a pilot program to get feedback from local teachers. The Social Determinants of Health Campaign will be delivered by teachers and Basilica team members to get students information that hasn’t been given by traditional biology and history classes.


Whether you’re a student looking for a service project, or just interested in donating your time, you can help ensure a better future by working alongside us.


We are working to create a healthier, cleaner, more efficient world. We cannot achieve our goal without contributions from generous, forward-thinking individuals. Please aid us in this mission.


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