Social Resources.

 Housing Rights 

 Food Justice 

 Sustainable Art 

 Community  Leadership 


The Relationship of Culture + Environment. 

Anti-Racism & Environmental Justice Resources

Sustainable Seattle stands in solidarity with the Black community and pledges to call out and work to dismantle our inherently racist and oppressive systems until there is true justice and equity for all. We won’t solve climate change without properly addressing social justice. 

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COVID-19 Relief Resources

There are a plethora of organizations who have compiled a list of COVID-19 financial relief and resources for those living in Seattle and the Puget Sound Region.




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Sweeps are unSustainable

At their core, sweeps are inhumane and unsustainable. Sustainability and housing isn’t just about green buildings and solar panels on roofs. It’s about investing in programs and policies that support long term, holistic, quality of life. S2 stands in solidarity with those fighting for equitable and just housing for all. 

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Make a Difference.

Research Opportunities.

Research may be applied to develop new programs, inform strategic direction, or be published on a blog or white paper. 

We enthusiastically welcome innovative, unconventional, radical, playful, game-changing thinkers.

Volunteer Opportunities.

Volunteering is a great way to get involved in your community, gain experience in sustainability and work with people on innovative programs and projects. We always have the need for volunteers to work on our programs and projects.

Job Opportunities.

Change is good. As they arise, employment opportunities will be posted here.