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Sustainability Ambassadors



Rapidly advance a sustainable future! 

Sustainability Ambassadors is here to rapidly advance a sustainable future, empowering youth to catalyze community sustainability, teachers to integrate rigor with relevance for real-world impact, and community to drive collective impact.


3 Goals

sustainable community conditions.

students, teachers & community leaders to drive collective impact.

program efficacy in relation to improved community conditions.

Needs we address

  • Educational Need
    We collaborate with teachers to teach students for a sustainable future  
  • Environmental Need
    We curate real-world curriculum resources and convenes classroom/community expert roundtables to support problem-based learning in service to a more sustainable future
  • Workforce Development Need
    We are building learning partnerships with policy makers, program managers, teacher and student leaders, to identify systemic challenges and build systemic solutions
  • Equity Need
    We are investing in young students of color to learn about and help lead this movement