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Sustainable Seattle works to build a thriving future through initiatives that deliver environmental, economic and community benefits, promote equity, and build resilience.

S2 initiatives fall under two umbrellas: Engagement & Participatory Research and Direct Services. These programs reinforce one another to create networked and systems-based impact. As is demonstrated in many traditions of thought around sustainability, including systems thinking, S2 programs are designed to be: interconnected, circular, emergent, whole, synthesizing, and based in relationship.

Direct Services


 Interweave supports Seattle’s active community organizers dedicated to an equitable and sustainable region. Interweave is a peer-to-peer network of visionaries with unique-but-aligned methods for sustainability. The RiSE (Resilience, Sustainability, and Equity) track focuses specifically on Frontline and BIPOC-led projects.

Community Resilience Practitioners Network

This network is made up of practitioners, freelancers, contractors, consultants, or otherwise independent agents who work between various clients or organizations to advance sustainability.
This program is currently in beta. To inquire about funding this program’s development, contact em[at] 

Past Programs.


Engagement & Leadership

Sustainability Leadership Awards:
Campfire Stories

Since 2010, the Sustainability Leadership Awards have brought the sustainability community together to celebrate the work of local experts, organizers, and industry players.

Green Drinks

Seattle Green Drinks is a community event held at different venues throughout Seattle on the 2nd Tuesday, highlighting various neighborhoods and sustainability efforts in the region.


Tailgating on boats! Sailgating brings together expert speakers, musicians, and community members of all ages to picnic and celebrate our rich watershed cultures.

Sustainability Trivia Night

Guaranteed to flex your knowledge, and guaranteed to learn something new. A great event for all backgrounds and ages.

Resilient Foundations 

An annual series where Sustainability activators connect, exchange, and acknowledge a colleague who exemplifies the principles of sustainable urbanism.

Winter (Birthday!) Bash

This year, we celebrate S2’s thirtieth birthday with both a retrospective, and a future-spective looking to the next three decades. 

Participatory Research


Evident is a highly participatory and collaborative research program that assembles data from a dynamic, representative, and intentional cross-section of community members throughout Seattle by drawing on existing data sets and community researchers.


Sound Listening

Sound Listening is an interactive, community-created resource that engages and documents Seattle’s sustainability priorities. S2 events are informed by community-created sustainability topics and Sound Listening themes.

Think Tanks

Think Tanks take place quarterly, aligned with theSound Listening theme. Experts and community members come together to dig deep into a timely and pressing sustainability topic for interactive, friendly and welcoming, facilitated research sessions.


Introduced in 2014, this multi-disciplinary summit convenes leaders to both learn and strategize together to build resilience in the era of climate change.