Carol Rashawnna Williams


STAHC has been in development for several years by local artist and organizer Carol Rashawnna Williams. STAHC culminates from Carol’s extensive experience as a Real Estate Agent in solar and renewable development, permaculture and land use, creative space management, nonprofit and small business management, and career development. Carol is also a professional painter, muralist, and musician. She coluted on the first City of Seattle Building Art Space Equitably – BASE, the Rainier Avenue Business Coalition, Hillman City Collaboratory, Nature Consortium, YouthBuild, YWCA, Environmental Professionals of Color (EPOC) and others. In addition to these credentials, Carol has first-hand experience of displacement, houselessness, and intoxified “affordable housing” solutions often designated for low-income professionals of color, such as artists. 

Carol has first-hand experience of being gentrified, deeply impacted by displacement, houselessness, and intoxified “affordable housing” solutions often designated for low-income professionals of color, such as artists. All these experiences together have informed the design vision for STAHC. As a co-constructed project, each advisor, volunteer, Artist-Owner, and neighborhood elder has had their own experience of the pressures of displacement in Seattle, and all are leaders in their own communities in various ways. This project seeks to leverage their skill sets and assist in assuring these prominent BIPOC Seattle based artists can stay here in Seattle not forced to leave. 


The BIPOC STAHC is part of the Sustainable Seattle Interweave program, a network of BIPOC and Frontline organizers to restore a sustainable Seattle. Through S2 Carol is a part of the advisory committee to the board of directors. The Community-Organized Resource Development (CORD), a BIPOC group of developers, community organizers, and real estate agents now back the project. The land owner desires to re-develop 5 acres of land, and plans to implement the STAHC, under Carol’s management, as a prototype for an equitable investment opportunity for Artists & Gentrified Seattle Residents to purchase housing in Seattle. Led by an initial cohort of BIPOC artist-owners, neighborhood residents, and elders from an adjacent Senior Center, together the community cohort, facilitated by Carol, establishes the vision, community connection, and design for the site.

Organizing Community: 

Devon Midori Hale | Community Engagement Consultant

Alexander Chauhan | Technical Consultant

Emanuelle Roy | Technical Consultant and S2 Board Member

Innocent Muhalia | Architect Consultant

Em Piro | Sustainable Seattle (S2)

Dominick Ojeda | Land Use Consultant and S2 Board Member