Q1 2020: Culture & Environment

Sustainable Thoughts and In Sight by Photy

Living in uncertain times.

We cannot return to normal because our current systems are precisely the problem.
Over the first three months of 2020, our community explored many topics within the Relationship Between Culture + Environment. We gathered with Kay Tita for a Resilience Lab, exploring what a resilient community looks like in times of both slow disasters (ie. widening institutional inequities) and fast disasters (such as the immediate devastation from a major hurricane event).
We brought multiple generations of friends and family together at Lucky Envelope Brewing to discuss the similarities and differences in how each generation envisions prosperity and equity, as well as the compounding effects of intergenerational trauma. The escalating impacts of the coronavirus pandemic shifted our focus in March to the many correlations between COVID-19 and climate change.

 To conclude last quarters theme, Culture & Environment, “Master of the Storm”, showcases distinct illustrations referencing the ‘dragon gates’ that cross between worlds as metaphor in breaking through the barriers of xenophobia, dissonance, and isolationwe have been experiencing recently.

In Sight: Master of the Storm.

Master of the Storm

Crane Gate


Master of the Storm and Crane Gate are available as poster and postcard prints in the Community Market. Proceeds benefit S2 community programs.

Tyler Ung, a young Asian man standing in front of mountains. He is smiling widely, with his hands on his cap.


My interdisciplinary work in the arts, education and environmental studies has heightened my capacities as an effective environmental communicator. My goal is to utilize my specializations to build a more sustainable society by bridging the gaps in environmental discourse through creativity and research.